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CHEESEFEST – Gather & Graze 2021

Presented by CheeseFest Australia

Thanks for joining us at CheeseFest 2021, we were thrilled to be back! 

It was great to be back in Rymill Park (Murlawirrapurka) for the CheeseFest you know and love.

22 – 24 October 2021


Adelaide, Australia
Rymill Park Murlawirrapurka


It was our first “Cheese Festival” in Rymill Park just off East Terrace.

As knife makers we were a little disappointed as our steel didn’t arrive on time so we had no cheese knives for our stand – we’ve even considered cancelling our stand – I’m so glad we did not.

We met numerous local distributors, sold plenty of our kitchen knives (at the cheese festival??) and most importantly had a ball at the festival itself (lovely bunch of people both sides of the stalls)

We look forward to next year!! :)



Director, cheesemaker and South Australian Premium Food and Wine Ambassador, Kris Lloyd AM has been the driving force behind the successful festival since 2006. In 2021, CheeseFest was back by popular demand and we were excited to bring you a special, COVID-Safe weekend where you were able to indulge in all things cheese, food and beverage.

Gather and Graze with us!

Visitor to this distinctively South Australian foodie experience will be able to enjoy all the delights of the South Australian and Australian cheese, wine and food scene in one location, and learn from famous chefs and food personalities, or just kick back and relax in the park!

We are partnering with Eco-Products as we look towards making our special event as sustainable as possible now and in the future.